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Regardless of where your business is at, our process will help you to keep improving.

Small actions and gradual transformation in each area will add up to you making a meaningful impact.

What is Good Impact is designed to simplify sustainability and show what the key actions are, in each impact area that Kiwi’s care about. These provide you with a range of possibilities of how you can start making impact in your business.  
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The inner circle represents tangible action you can get started with. Then gradually moving out to the outer circle, these are some more longer term goals.    All and all the purpose of Growing Good Impact is to give you a starting point and now its your journey to make positive impact.  

Businesses can achieve their sustainability and community related goals with a four-step process.

This process repeats itself — when your business has gone through it, you will see the success of your goals and be able to set new priorities. Regardless of where your business is at, this process will help you to keep improving.  
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1. Prioritise what you could do by looking through the consumer insights, to identify what issues matter to customers that spend in your industry and the latest relevant consumer trends.    2. Plan the potential changes you can make by exploring case studies on businesses in your industry that have already taken action on specific issues - and measured the benefits of doing so.    3. Take action by working with over 100 accreditation bodies that have partnered with the GIF. These organisations provide a credible tick of approval, and in some cases help you measure your impact!    4. Measure the increased revenues that you are generating from taking action. As a business you need to know that any new investment is generating return. Our GIF partner, CoGo, can help with this too.  

Scale up your impact

So, you’re making progress, driving positive impact, and listening to customers and suppliers more closely on sustainability. What’s next?    Now you have a foundation to start telling your story to a wider audience, and benefiting from the positive impacts you are making on the world.    As you continue to create positive change, it is important to tell your stories, and increase engagement with the audiences who count. Hearing from customers and communities can help ensure that you are doing the right thing, and taking new ideas into account.    You can share your positive changes through campaigns and social media, and there are also platforms that can help you do this more effectively. CoGo, our brand partner, is a hub for consumers to see which accreditations businesses have earned, and what impact they are making on this world.    Another important thing to do is track the returns of investment that your positive changes are earning. Engage with your customers to measure the economic value of your efforts, as well as environment and social value.  

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