What is the GIF?

A simple way of identifying good stuff your business should do.

How does it work?

The Good Impact Framework helps business like you to do good, in ways that are good for your business too! Making changes in your business needs to be a continous cycle of improvement, and the GIF has been designed with this in mind. Every small change you make needs to be carefully prioritised and planned, and when you take action you need to define what you're doing and measure the ROI from it. Simple!

1. Prioritise what you could do by looking through the consumer insights, to identify what issues matter to customers that spend in your industry and the latest relevant consumer trends.  
2. Plan the potential changes you can make by exploring case studies on businesses in your industry that have already taken action on specific issues - and measured the benefits of doing so.  
3. Take action by working with over 100 accreditation bodies that have partnered with the GIF. These organisations provide a credible tick of approval, and in some cases help you measure your impact!  
4. Measure the increased revenues that you are generating from taking action. As a business you need to know that any new investment is generating return. Our GIF partner, CoGo, can help with this too.

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